Rise of the Forest King

Orphaned at just ten years of age, Raulin vows to track down the eleven men who murdered his family and make them pay for what they have taken from him; however, he finds himself thrust into the middle of a conflict that soon proves to be much bigger than his quest for revenge. Can he become the man his father always envisioned or will the hatred in his heart make him into the very man he is hunting?

Conscripted into the Keepers at a young age, Bruschian—now thirty—is finally about to get his first true tasted of freedom. He must discover who he will become now that he is no longer forced to bear arms in the name of a Church in which he does not believe. After all these years, is he more than just the killer they created?

Raulin: Rise of the Forest King, takes place in the years prior to the events of The Keeper of Edelyndia. It is the origin story of a fledgling rebellion and an orphaned king.

"Should I even be surprised anymore? Denen has created a universe that is so easily to lose yourself in. I loved the Keeper of Edelyndia, but Raulin has stolen my heart as my new favorite in Denen's collection. I strongly encourage anyone to read Raulin!"

"Loved this book...can't wait to start the next book in the series. The author's style of writing draws you in, and keeps you engaged with the characters, and storyline...what an adventure!"